Q: My car has been involved in an accident and needs autobody repair. How do I get my car assessed to know if my car is still safe to drive? 
A: Even if the damage to your vehicle appears to be minimal, you may want to have it checked to ensure that it is still safe to drive. Willy’s Collision in Courtenay can do a vehicle inspection that will give you peace of mind that your vehicle is safe to drive, or make recommendations for auto repair.

Q:  What questions should I ask local autobody shops when I’m shopping for collision repair?
A: You should ask the autobody shop for both a cost estimate, and a time frame for getting the repairs done. You should also ask whether a courtesy car will be available to you, and if they guarantee their work.

Q: How do I know if an autobody shop will provide professional quality? What industry designations for collision repair should I look for? 
A: Willy’s Collision is an ICBC Accredited Collision Repair and Valet Service, which means that our business practices meet or exceed the highest standards for auto repair equipment, qualified staff, professional quality and service, and customer service. In fact, Willy’s Collision is a proud recipient of the Autochex Award for Customer Service, an organization that follows up with insurance claim customers to ensure quality performance.

Q: What does it mean to be an ICBC Accredited Collision Repair and Valet Service?
A: Willy’s Collision in the Comox Valley, is one of over 400 auto body shops in BC to be accredited by ICBC to do collision repair. If your claim qualifies, these vehicle repair shops can provide on-site estimates so that you don’t need to have your car estimated at an ICBC claim centre before arranging for repairs. These ICBC accredited collision auto repair (C.A.R.) shops can pick up and drop off your vehicle, provide alternative transportation, and guarantee their repairs. At Willy’s Collision we believe in exceeding those standards by detailing your vehicle at no extra cost, and guaranteeing that your alternative transportation needs are met, even if your insurance company doesn't cover it. 

Q: Will I need more than one estimate for auto body repair? 
A: It’s always a wise idea to get a second opinion, and ultimately it is up to you which Comox Valley auto body shop will do your vehicle repair. Price is a consideration, but so is the quality of the workmanship, the warranty, and the parts used. The level of customer service you receive is also a consideration as it can greatly reduce the stress and inconvenience of the situation.

Q: If I have private insurance coverage and my insurer asks me to take my vehicle to one of their approved vendors, does that mean there is no warranty on the repairs if I choose to have a non-approved vendor complete the repairs?
A: No, the warranty for auto body repairs is provided by the collision repair shop, not by the private insurance company. Although a private insurance company may have a different local vendor they prefer to work with, as a consumer you have purchased the insurance policy and it is your decision where you want to have your vehicle repaired. The warranty agreement is between the collision repair shop and the customer. Willy’s Collision repairs are always guaranteed for as long as you own your car.

Q: How do I set up an insurance claim if my car needs auto body repair due to an accident?  
A: Willy's Collision in the Comox Valley is an ICBC Accredited Collision Repair Shop. The ICBC website  has information on what details you need to report your motor vehicle accident, a toll free claim line that is available 24/7, or an online option for starting a claim online.  An insurance adjuster will work through your claim with you to determine who is at fault, and what coverage is available.Your private insurance company may also have information online for their claims process. Willy’s Collision, located in the Comox Valley, can provide a written estimate and timeline to have your repairs completed so that you can begin processing your claim.

Q: Is it true that I will have to pay more if I don't bring my vehicle to a ICBC preferred shop for repair?
A: We provide you with a quote for a complete repair for your insurance company to approve before the work begins. If your policy requires that repairs use OEM replacement parts we do so. If it's possible to use other replacement parts, we can do that too, but not without fully explaining the differences in quality and price to you first so that you can make your decision.

Q: I heard that it can take up to a week for an insurance adjuster to inspect the damage if the work is not done at a preferred shop, slowing the process down.
A: Generally an insurance company wants you to be happy with their coverage and services, and will try to have an adjuster available as soon as possible. What some people don't know is that you can authorize us to document the process of disassembling your vehicle prior to the adjuster's inspection. Then once they have done their inspection and the claim has been negotiated, we can begin the autobody repairs.

Q: The insurance company says that they won't guarantee the work if it's not done at one of their approved shops. Is this true?
A: Actually, the guarantee is provided by the autobody repair service doing the work and has nothing to do with the insurance company. The guarantee they are referring to is that if a shop that is insurance approved doesn't do the repair correctly, the insurance company will send it to another of it's approved shops to be repaired, at the cost of the original shop. Willy's Collision fully guarantees all repairs, whether we are the shop doing the original repair or refixing something that another shop didn't do correctly.

Q: For paint refinishing, will the colour of the paint used to refinish my car after the autobody repair match the original colour?  Will it be the same quality as the manufacturer uses?
A: Not all auto paint is the same. Willy’s Collision uses PPG refinishing products to get maximum results with minimal environmental impact. We are PPG certified, meaning that we can produce the exact formula needed to match both the manufacturer’s quality and colour, and the product is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Q: What about transportation during the time it takes for the repairs to be done? Does Willy’s Collision provide courtesy cars?
A: Being without a vehicle while your car or truck is getting collision repairs can be a major disruption to your employment and lifestyle. Unlike some autobody repair shops, Willy’s Collision in Courtenay provides a courtesy car to use while your vehicle is being repaired regardless of whether you are at fault. Helping you stay mobile is one way we can help minimize the inconvenience of your car accident.

Q: Does Willy’s Collision repair the mechanical damage on my car as well as the structural damage?
A: Yes. Any mechanical repairs that cannot be performed at Willy’s Collision will be sent to the mechanic or dealership of your choice. All vehicle repair costs are included within the claim or repair estimate.

Q: What kind of warranty does Willy’s Collision offer for auto body repair?
A: Your collision repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own your car.