Get Your Vehicle Ready For Spring

Looks like the wettest months are behind us, and now that spring is here it's time to get your vehicle ready for spring outings! Here are a few seasonal tips from the Willy's Collision team that will keep your ride looking and smelling fresh.

1. With the Mount Washington ski season winding down, you can put those winter tires away for next season and put on your all season radials. Winter tires are made from a different kind of rubber than your summer tires and can be damaged by higher road temperatures. Keep your winter tires in a cool dark place and ready to roll for next year.

2. Start with the inside of your vehicle by de-cluttering the extra jackets and gloves and getting ready for summer. Clean out those winter cold germs by disinfecting your steering wheel and gear shift and use a gentle cleaner to clean the interior and dashboard. After you vacuum the carpet and seats, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil under your seat to keep things smelling fresh.

3. There's a lot of grime that can attach itself to your vehicle from road salt during the winter so now's the time to visit the car wash for a complete wash and wax. There should be a good stretch of beautiful sunny days to get this done, so if you have the time to wash it yourself outdoors, take your time and be thorough. Waxing your vehicle will seal the paint, keep it looking shiny, and make it easier to keep clean through the summer especially when the Comox Valley water restrictions take effect.

4. Junk out the trunk and lighten the load. You won't be needing the extra jackets and gloves or the snow chains but it might be nice to pack your road trip bag and folding chairs for spontaneous stops to enjoy the view. One advantage to lightening the load is getting better fuel economy and who doesn't appreciate that!

In case you didn't know, if you've recently had work done at Willy's Collision, fill out our customer feedback form on our website, and you can get a free detailing within 90 days of your appointment.



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